White Paper Guides

White Paper Guides

Providing 360° Contextual Awarenes of Risk

A Solution Perspective on monitoring and managing risk effectively.

Embedding an Operational Risk Management Framework

Operational Risk Sound Practice Guidance

Operational Risk Appetite and Tolerance

Operational Risk Sound Practice Guidance

Risk Culture

An operational risk sound practice guidance.


This e-book will help you implement ISO 31000 effectively in your own business.

Shatter the Project Myths

This e-book draws on insights from leading project risk professionals and provides practical advice for your own projects.

Guide - What Makes a Great Risk Manager

Sword GRC commissioned confidential psychometric research into the personality traits of nearly 200 risk managers.

Ten Steps to Better Informed Strategic Decision Making

Ten steps to see the true picture of risk and opportunity across your business.

Three Lines of Defence

Three Lines of Defense is widely adopted by financial institutions internationally.

Enterprise Risk Management Guide

This e-book will help ensure you’re ready to capitalize on the benefits of Enterprise Risk Management.