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Why Projects Fail

Overview of the Webinar:

Experienced project managers, risk experts, and executives all recognize that projects can fail, but perhaps the more important, and elusive, the question is why do projects fail? A well-executed Risk Management process helps to answer this question at all levels from project to program to enterprise and beyond.

In this webinar we will discuss how establishing improved risk assumptions and evolving your risk process can help you anticipate how and why projects and efforts can fail by expanding beyond cost and schedule impact categories, recognizing gaps in how your existing risk process anticipates negative impacts, and how a fully configured risk management solution leverages expanded insight and lessons learned to prevent your future projects from failing.






Thursday, 28th Jan, 2021


1 hour

Chicago, USA – 10:00 am CST

New York, USA – 11:00 am EST

London, UK – 16:00 pm GMT

Paris, France – 17:00 pm CET

Date – Thursday, 28th Jan, 2021

Region – UK, EU & USA

Duration – 1 hour


  • Chicago, USA – 10:00 am CST
  • New York, USA – 11:00 am EST
  • London, UK – 16:00 pm GMT
  • Paris, France – 17:00 pm CET
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Agenda & Learning Outcomes:
  1. Establish how / why projects fail
  2. Establish typical (ineffective) approaches to addressing this
    • Ineffective Planning
      • Not know what could go wrong
      • Not Prioritizing; knowing which risk have a bigger impact on your project
    • Avoid seeing Risk Management as a negative effect on projects
    • Lack of team preparation
      • Educate the team to detect and assess possible risk for the project.
      • Know the financial impacts for the project
  3. Discuss impact analysis beyond typical cost and schedule
    • Beyond Cost and Schedule Impact Categories w/ ARM
    • Quantitative Schedule and Cost Risk Analysis w/ ARM
  4. ARM and Sword GRC software offers a better approach/solution; benefits include:
    • Boost your revenue
    • Achieve all of your project goals
    • Avoid any major disasters
    • Find new opportunities
    • Make better decisions
    • Save on your expenses