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Policy Management Webinar

Overview of the Webinar:

Demonstrating compliance and best practice to auditors and regulators, along with managing the significant number of policies and procedures and communicating these to staff, is one of the biggest challenges facing policy owners and the organizations they work within. 

Traditional, manual methods of managing policies and procedures are simply not adequate in today’s heavily regulated environment. Proactive management of the processes around policies, procedures, guidelines, or other critical documents is essential to demonstrate good governance and mitigate liability against your organization and/or employees.






Wednesday, 10th March, 2021


1 hour

San Diego, USA – 11:00 am PST

Chicago, USA – 13:00 pm CST

Washington DC, USA – 14:00 pm EST

Date – Wednesday, 10th March, 2021

Region – USA

Duration – 1 hour


  • San Diego, USA – 11:00 am PST
  • Chicago, USA – 13:00 pm CST
  • Washington DC, USA – 14:00 pm EST
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Join us as we discuss the challenges faced by professionals in organisations today, such as:
  • Reducing the exposure of risk by non-compliance to (ISO, FDA, DOT, EPA, SCC, CMMC, NIST800)
  • The effect on an organization due to mismanaged policies
  • The risks and costs associated with a poor policy management system
  • The role policy management and good governance plays in promoting a positive organizational culture
  • Learn efficient ways to create or update policy and procedure documents
  • Understand the benefits of a centralized system for managing policies
  • Learn how to overcome version control issues
  • Understand how to reduce the time to undertake policy reviews 
  • What to consider when defining a policy management system
  • How the management of policies affects the values of an organization
The Speaker:
Guy Olivier

Founder and CEO, Lead Dynamix Consulting

Guy has spent over 30 years in Lean Manufacturing & Engineering. He has held senior management positions in large organizations covering industries such as textiles, aerospace, medical & semiconductors.

Guy developed Lean manufacturing processes and assembly lines for jet-powered UAVs (Unmanned Arial Vehicles) and other missile programs for the US Air Force and Navy.

During this time Guy also led the implementation of new ERP systems, achieved ISO9001, ISO13485, & AS9100 certifications, and simultaneously managed multiple facilities at the P&L level.