Webinar – Managing risk for better performing projects

Webinars / Managing risk for better performing projects

Webinar – Managing risk
for better performing projects


Overview of the Webinar:

Managing risk plays a key role in successful project delivery. If you can identify project strengths and weaknesses and manage threats and opportunities throughout the project lifecycle – whilst meeting regulatory or compliance requirements – you’re more likely to make informed decisions and attain strategic project objectives.

Our webinar, designed to help you plan for project success, showcases how Active Risk Manager (ARM) can help with every stage of project risk management. Content will cover:

  • Risk Assessment and Analysis – selecting probabilities and impacts based on scoring schemes that are applicable to each project, including qualitative and quantitative risk analysis.
  • Risk Evaluation – understanding additional actions and decisions to be taken based on the information collected.
  • Risk Treatment – an overview of the different options in addressing a risk, looking at implementation of actions/controls and their effectiveness.
  • Recording / Reporting – final capture of data and an overview of ARM’s reporting capabilities. 
  • Monitor and Review – on-going appraisal of risk information and effectiveness of the process.
  • Communication / Consultation – how each of the above contributes to effective risk-based decision making. 
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