Effective cyber-risk posture: the value proposition of cyber-security

Webinars / Effective Cyber-risk posture: the value proposition of cyber-security

Effective Cyber-risk posture: the value proposition of cyber-security

Overview of the Webinar:

The objective of this webinar is to discuss:

  • Translating technical cybersecurity risk posture to business management language.
  • Understand a well approached comprehensive cyber risk posture will bring ROI.
The Agenda and Learning Outcomes:
  • The criticality of cyber-risk posture when making risk-based decisions.

  • How to develop effective Cyber-risk posture.

  • ROI – the value of Cybersecurity controls.

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The Speakers:
Jane Teh Portrait
Jane Teh

Managing Partner

Jane is the Managing Partner at Reds11. Reds11 Training & Consultancy serves clients across industries as diverse as oil & gas, financial services, insurance, automotive, energy, consulting, education & non-profit.

Advisory & solutions services provided: Cyber Security end-to-end; IT Due Diligence; Business Continuity Management; Risk Management; strategy framework, policies, guidelines, SOP, and more.

Clayton Scott Portrait
Clayton Scott 

Account Director – ASEAN Region

Clayton is one of our Account Director’s at Sword GRC. He works with customers in the ASEAN region to create strategies and solutions for businesses to understand their opportunities, and identify and manage their exposures and take more risk.