Building Upon Lessons from 2020 to Enhance the Strategic Value of ERM

Webinars / Building Upon Lessons from 2020 to Enhance the Strategic Value of ERM

Building Upon Lessons from 2020 to Enhance the Strategic Value of ERM

Overview of the Webinar:

Business models and strategic plans were turned upside down by the complex events of 2020 that triggered huge volumes of risks for business leaders to navigate. Some organizations were caught off guard by the sudden influx of complex risks that impacted their core operations and altered how they sell their products and services, while others were better prepared to proactively navigate the twists and turns that emerged. 

As business leaders emerge from the experience, now is the time to take stock of the state of their organization’s approach to enterprise risk management (ERM) to determine what’s working well and where deficiencies reside that need to be addressed.

Beasley will provide benchmarking insights to highlight areas that may deserve executive and board attention for a number of organizations, and he will outline tactics risk management leaders can consider to elevate the strategic value of the organization’s risk management efforts.

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The Speaker:
Mark Beaseley Portrait
Mark Beasley

KPMG Professor and Director of the ERM Initiative NC State University

Mark S. Beasley is the KPMG Professor of Accounting and the Director of the Enterprise Risk Management Initiative in the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Initiative at NC State provides thought leadership about ERM practices and their integration with strategy and corporate governance. As founding director, Dr Beasley served on the board for the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (widely known at COSO) for seven years and has participated in a number of other national-level risk management initiatives. He served on the Advisory Council that helped develop COSO’s initial Enterprise Risk Management – Integrated Framework issued in 2004, and he also worked with COSO on its 2017 revision of that framework.

Currently, he is serving on the United Nations’ Internal Control Advisory Group that is advising the UN Controller on COSO-based best practices related to internal controls. He has authored over 100 articles, monographs, thought papers, and books. He is the co-author of several education-related materials, including an auditing-related textbook, casebook, practice reference manual, and CPE training materials.