Auditing Key Controls in a Crisis

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Auditing Key Controls in a Crisis

Overview of the Webinar:

Join us as we discuss Auditing Key Controls in a Crisis with Madhu Marimuthu from Beam Advisory & Consultancy Services in Malaysia. He provides some practical audit advice and offers insights from his experience in the field.

The Agenda and Learning Outcomes:
  • Given that COVID-19 has revealed a “ New Normal” in the way audit is going to be approached, what are the Key Challenges and Opportunities?

  • Identify alternative means of auditing critical controls and audit areas of higher risk due to a crisis environment.

  • Identify best practices in performing effective quality audit procedures during a crisis.

  • 5 Key Questions to Ask In Auditing Critical Controls In a Crisis.

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The Speakers:
Mahdu Portrait
Madhu Marimuthu

Chief Executive Officer/Principal Consultant

Madhu is the principal consultant at Beam Advisory & Consultancy Services located in Malaysia. He is a chartered accountant and has more than 25 years’ experience in the corporate environment and has been involved in the field of training and education for more than 20 years.

Beam Advisory is a PSMB registered Training Provider which was formed to provide continual learning experience to participants so that they can excel in their chosen vocation and contribute effectively to organisational growth and nation building. Beam’s strategy is to work with leading consultants/specialist in the industry in order to provide value for money to its clients.