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A Year of ARM2020

In this webinar series, you’ll hear about our product vision, recent releases, and the value many customers are already achieving from the recent ARM 2020 release. 

Wed & Thu, Apr 21 & 22, 2021

Environment, Social & Government Risks in Mining

This one-hour session will discuss the important role of ESG in Mining, and the opportunity this presents to both investors and the industry. The conversation has seen a significant shift from 12 months ago, when the questions stopped at “do you have a policy and framework?”, to now asking…

Tue, Apr 27, 2021

Risk Showcase for the Aerospace & Defence Industry

Details to come…

Wed, Apr 28, 2021

Effective Key Risk Indicators for Financial Services Organisations

The financial services firm is dynamic. It is changing minute-by-minute and second-by-second. Regulations and enforcement are changing. This webinar delivers effective strategies to identify, manage, and monitor key risk indicators in financial services organizations.

Thu, Apr 29, 2021

Environment, Social & Government Risks in Mining

This one-hour session will discuss the important role of ESG in Mining, and the opportunity this presents to both investors and the industry. The conversation has seen a significant shift from 12 months ago, when the questions stopped at “do you have a policy and framework?”, to now asking…

Tue, May 18, 2021

Risk Appetite & Key Risk Indicators

This webinar will help drive firms to set risk exposure limits, diversification, risk mitigation and monitoring to contain risks while allowing for the necessary risk-taking of any organisation. This webinar is a full review of the role and attributes of risk appetite (both for financial and non-financial risks) and KRIs in the financial services industry, banks in particular.

Wed, May 19, 2021

Making Risk Management Relevant To Executive Management

This webinar deals with organisational design and the important role of the risk manager in 2022. It looks at how businesses position their risk manager and to what extent that positioning assists good decisions and has the inferred authority to influence the business towards successful risk outcomes

Wed, Jun 16, 2021

Building Upon Lessons from 2020 to Enhance the Strategic Value of ERM

Business models and strategic plans were turned upside down by the complex events of 2020 that triggered huge volumes of risks for business leaders to navigate.  Some organizations were caught off guard by the sudden influx of complex risks that impacted their core operations and altered how they sell their products and services, while others were better prepared to proactively navigate the twists and turns that emerged.

Thu, Jun 17, 2021

7 Habits for Highly Effective Projects

How happy are you with your project performance? Do they usually come in under budget and ahead of schedule? Or is there scope for improvement? Effective risk management strategies enable project managers to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to a project’s success potential.

Thu, Jun 19, 2021

Risk Management Solution Showcase

Details to come…

Wed, Jun 23, 2021

Assessing the Value of Risk Management

The term ‘risk assessment’ is one without standardization across industries or companies, and as a result, can refer to many different procedures. For companies producing, supplying or selling consumer products, the concept of a risk assessment usually refers to the assessment of compliance and safety issues. 

Thu, Jun 24, 2021

Risk Management Oversight: Good Practices and Challenges

Risk management shall be proactive. This is one of the key preliminaries to cope with the challenges of complex projects. An overarching and consistent view on project risks and uncertainties is necessary to follow a holistic approach in project risk management.

Thu, Jul 8, 2021

Delivering Successful Bids & Project Risk Management

This webinar deals with risk from the origination stage of major projects through to mobilisation and delivery into operations. It identifies some of the opportunities that are available at different stages of the project lifecycle to ‘manage out risk’ and uncertainty.

Wed, Jul 14, 2021

Evaluating the role of risk management in public / private partnerships for infrastructure projects

This webinar deals with risk from a commercial and contractual position within joint ventures and PPP’s. It identifies the value of the ‘clause by clause’ risk assessment and risk apportionment and acceptance. Dealing with the subject of risk attribution as it relates to project SPR’s this webinar would attract and audience involved in bidding and tendering within complex transactional designs where project staging also adds complexity to managing risk.

Wed, Sep 8, 2021

Understanding & Managing Risk Culture in the Financial Services Industry

Culture is the true mark of integrity and reality in a financial services firm. This webinar aims to address how to understand, measure, manage and enforce the risk culture of the financial services organization.

Horizon Scanning and Emerging Risks

In an increasingly volatile and unpredictable world, how can risk managers proactively address the challenge of identifying emerging and rising risks?

Why Policy Management Matters

Policies set the standard for acceptable and unacceptable conduct by defining boundaries for the behaviour of individuals, the operation of business processes, and the establishment of relationships…

Corporate Culture of Integrity & Risk: Critical Considerations in the New Normal

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted businesses and impacted the culture of organisations at an unprecedented scale. Regulators are holding corporations accountable for lapses in integrity and risk at the highest levels.

Creating a Risk Culture

When a regulatory change or a risk event happens, rather than jumping to ask “what is the impact/gap in our policy/procedures/training?”, the first question you should be asking is “what is the risk and why does the risk happen?”.

Why Projects Fail

In this webinar we will discuss how establishing improved risk assumptions and evolving your risk process can help you anticipate how and why projects and efforts can fail by expanding beyond cost and schedule impact categories, recognizing gaps in how your existing…

Best Practices for Effective Policy Management for the Financial Services Industry

Change in a single word reflects the world of financial services firms. Firms face an onslaught of regulatory, risk, and business change. This requires that firms have agile approaches to policy management and engagement. As change happens, firms need to ensure that their policies are current and understood throughout the environment. 

Operational Risk Management for the Financial Services Industry

The world is chaotic with an onslaught of continuous changing risks that impact the operations of financial services firms. This webinar takes a look at the new paradigms and expectations for operational risk management in the financial services industry.

Effective cyber-risk posture: the value proposition of cyber-security

Learn more about the criticality of cyber-risk posture when making risk-based decisions, how to develop effective cyber-risk posture and the value of cyber-security controls.

The Value of Risk Management in Mining

This webinar is co-hosted by Sword GRC and Coal & Minerals Asia. There will be two presentations as well as a fireside discussion at the end. The presentations are presented by Jean-Michel Bour & Dean Stewart.

Compliance Risk Assessments: Managing Rising 3rd Party Risks

Vendors, suppliers, contractors, service providers, sub-contractors, agents, partners and other intermediaries form the crux of 3rd parties in business arrangements. The new dynamic marketplace, geopolitical uncertainty and global disruption fuel unprecedented risks in 3rd party business relationships.

Managing Operational Risk in Times of Uncertainty

Topics that will be covered in the webinar are as follows: Painting a broad risk landscape, Unpacking different types of risks and make sense of what matters, Focus in on emerging operational risks…

Auditing Key Controls in a Crisis

Given that COVID-19 has revealed a “ New Normal” in the way audit is going to be approached, what are the Key Challenges and Opportunities?