The implementation of Sword GRC software solutions is based on a proven Rapid Time to Value philosophy and you can be up and running on our software in a couple of days!

However, well thought out training provides the key to unlocking the real value within Sword GRC software. It turns software into a solution.

Sword GRC aims to provide the correct level of knowledge transfer, to ensure enthusiastic user engagement. We provide a range of services that firstly focus on how to configure the software for the initial set up and then how to expand and evolve the use of the solution over time, as business processes advance.

With this in mind, we provide off-the-shelf training packages to get you started so that your implementation can ‘hit the ground running’. We also look to understand the wider aspects of education as this typically involves process as well as software. Within different enterprises, there will be different organisational structures that require crafted education plans.

We are happy to customise our standard training packages to provide a tailored education process. We can work either directly with the solution sponsors or with your internal training department.

For a more tailored approach or bespoke training for specific areas or projects please please email

Training Brochures

Active Risk Manager - Administration Training
Active Risk Manager - Risk Express Training
Active Risk Manager - Advanced Analysis
Active Risk Manager - New Features Overview
Active Risk Manager - User Fundamentals