Sword Quality Manager

Sword Quality Manager

A powerful and scalable solution that encourages user engagement

For over 10 years Sword Quality Manager has been instrumental in helping international organizations from manufacturing, pharmaceutical, FMCG and other quality conscious industry sectors to comply with standards such as ISO9001, safety and hygiene regulations, promote safety in the workplace and streamline quality processes efficiently, adding to bottom line profitability.

Four Pillars of Quality

Sword Quality Manager is a single integrated platform for all processes associated with Quality Management. It provides a set of processes and inter-related workflows that are easily accessible by all staff, ensuring the smooth transition of tasks and actions throughout the business, resulting in consistent quality that supports customer satisfaction and builds brand value. By taking a platform approach organizations are able to analyze the relationships between related workflows and identify trends, root cause and other actionable intelligence.

Based on the Four Pillars of Quality:

  • Document Control
  • Issue Management
  • Audit Management
  • Training & Competencies
Sword Quality Manager

Foster a Culture of Excellence in your organisation with A Single View of Quality


This e-book will help you implement ISO 31000 effectively in your own business.

Features of Sword Quality Manager
Document Control

Enables the efficient management of the document lifecycle from creating new processes and documents, version control and document distribution, Sword Quality Manager provides a single repository for all quality related documents.

Single, Integrated Solution

Processes and workflows are seamlessly integrated in a single platform helping organizations to analyse the relationships between related workflows and identify trends, root cause and other actionable intelligence.

Issue Management

Any issues relating to quality whether ingredients or components, delivery, packaging or the finished product can be logged and reported on centrally. Mitigating actions are recorded and controls to prevent future occurrence can be put in place. Issue management can be extended to include accidents, incidents and staff behavioral issues that can result in either quality or safety issues that have a direct impact on the business. 

The cost implications of issues can be recorded, enabling the business to better target resources on prevention and mitigation.

Out of the box functionality

An inherently configurable solution, Sword Quality Manager provides 90% of most market requirements Out of the Box, ensuring organizations see a fast time to value. Sword provides a range of installation, support and training services, to ensure that the solution meets individual business requirements as efficiently as possible.

Audit Management

Provides documented evidence of all quality related activities such as site and plant inspections, planned maintenance and repairs, and includes Environmental, Supplier and Quality audits with associated processes and reports.


Sword Quality Manager has published APIs and a configurable integration layer that enables the bidirectional collection and sharing of data with other business systems including SAP, Infor Cloverleaf, external web services and in-house and bespoke databases.

Training and Competency

This module provides a record of all quality related staff training and competencies, detailing qualifications achieved, and when certifications may need renewing, with automatic distribution of training and reading requirements based on staff location, department and role(s).

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