Sword Policy Manager

Sword Policy Manager

Sword Policy Manager

Sword Policy Manager enables you to control and monitor the entire lifecycle of your Policies and Procedures. Regularly review, communicate, test and manage your written policies and procedures to ensure good governance & compliance.

Demonstrating compliance and best practice to auditors and regulators is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations, along with managing the significant number of policies and procedures and communicating these to staff.

Traditional, manual methods of managing policies and procedures are simply not adequate in today’s heavily regulated environment. Proactive management of the processes around policies, procedures, guidelines or other critical documents is essential in order to demonstrate good governance and mitigate liability against your organization and/or employees.

Sword Policy Manager

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Features of Sword Policy Manager
Standards-Compliant Authoring Workflow

Maintain complete control over policy creation and content with a comprehensive document workflow featuring: collaborative document authoring, configurable approval and review cycles, automatic periodic review and retention scheduling, revision tracking and a dedicated document change request workflow.

Centralized Storage for all Types of Document

Policy Manager provides a single, centralized repository for all documents (policies, procedures, work instructions and more), eliminating out-of-date, incomplete and redundant policy content stored in multiple disparate locations. A powerful search function helps users find specific documents by searching keywords as well as content in attached Microsoft® Office Word/Excel documents.

Simple and Intuitive Access for Everyone, from Everywhere

Using an entirely web-based UI, staff, suppliers and other third parties can access all their important documents from anywhere using a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Intelligent Policy Distribution

Integrated linking of policy content to specific departments, locations and competencies allows policy owners to assign new and updated content to all impacted users automatically; policy owners no longer have to identify affected individuals using spreadsheet-based training records or other disparate systems.

Comprehension Tests

Policy owners can define interactive flexible tests to help establish user understanding of policy content with support for minimum acceptable scores, random question selection and more.

Policy Feedback

Easily-accessible forms for raising and responding to policy-specific questions and requesting changes helping to improve user understanding of policy content and ensure content remains relevant.

Multi-Lingual Workforce Enabled

Integrated linking between master and local policy content and “one-click” access to alternative language versions of a document ensure that users can easily discover content created in their native or preferred language.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Out-of-the-box and configurable report dashboards help content owners and other power users establish key performance trends including compliance against specific standards/regulations, bottlenecks in policy authoring and distribution, department/site-specific gaps in policy and more.

Work Driven Portals and Notifications

Ensure users are aware of policy obligations and associated tasks through intelligent, rule-based notifications, configurable escalation and a user-focused home page highlighting pending work and actions.

Competency and Training Information

Reduce human risk with automatic linking of policies and competencies to ensure that individuals are qualified to carry out specific tasks and operate in specific areas.

Compliance Analysis Dashboard View

Stay focussed on compliance with intuitive tools to link policies with any number of legal, corporate and customer-mandated standards and guidelines.

Scheduled Events

Let the application action events when required including publishing policies, raising a document for periodic review or expiring contracts to reduce the human effort in managing document maintenance.

Web-based and Integrated with Single Sign On

Access the application through any modern browser and sync with your corporate Azure Active Directory for a seamless authentication experience.

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