Sword Operational Risk Manager

Sword Operational Risk Manager - Risk Management Software for Financial Services

Risk Management Software for Financial Services

Sword Operational Risk Manager is a feature-rich and fully web-based Risk Management System designed for the financial services sector. In addition to the Risk Register and an Emerging Risks Register, there are options for Loss Events/Incident Management, Appetite /Indicator recording, a Questionnaire system for Control Self Assessment and surveys, a Policy Compliance system to monitor compliance with regulatory requirements and an Action Tracking system for recording and tracking of further required actions from any part of the system. Financial institutions are able to keep all risk and sensitive information in a central repository, automating and streamlining risk, compliance policy and audit processes with Sword GRC’s operational risk software. Fully integrates with Sword Audit Manager.

Risk and Control Register

Comprehensive risk register and evaluation system with an extensive range of risk models, analysis, and reporting which can be enabled and configured as required to meet the regulatory and business needs of any financial organization. Options include:

  • Analysis by Business Units, Risk Categories, Scenarios, Objectives, Processes, and Themes.
  • Your precise risk model and scoring system supporting Inherent, Residual and Target evaluations, multiple impact ratings and thresholds, Local and global ratings, and multi-currency consolidation.
  • Additional recording and evaluation of causes and consequences with gap analysis.
  • Identification and evaluation of Controls and Further Mitigations.
  • Testing of controls by the three lines of defense and generating assurance maps for the organization.
  • Recording and Evaluation of Key Risk Indicators/ Appetite Statements.
  • Scenario definition and analysis.
  • Detailed audit trails and recording of trends.
  • Library functionality for your Risks, Controls, Objectives, Processes, and KRIs/Appetite Statements.
  • Risk Consolidation for benchmarking and identifying common issues across the organization.
  • A separate register of Emerging Risks with linkages to existing risks and controls.
  • Simple end-user screens for risk and control owners to update and sign-off their documents on a timely basis when alerted via scheduled emails.

Supports Corporate Policy Compliance

Sword Operational Risk Manager is risk management software for financial institutions that provides the ability to easily manage risk and efficiently collect the evidence required to demonstrate compliance with corporate financial policies through the provision of risk registers and an extensive range of risk models, analysis, and reporting which can be enabled and configured as required to meet the regulatory and business needs of any organization.

Dashboards and Alerts

User-specific on-screen dashboards configured to meet the needs and role of the user to highlight issues, items for review or update, trends, and significant changes.

Risk Appetite and Measures/Indicators

Recording Board-level Appetite Statements supported by a detailed assessment of risks and measures.

  • Appetites defined by Business Units, Risk Categories, or other dimensions.
  • Measures or Key Risk Indicators linked to Risks and Appetites.
  • Subjective or statistical assessment of measures.
  • Workflow for collection and review of indicator assessment on a cyclical basis.
  • Full trend history and benchmarking of assessments.
  • Extensive reporting of indicators and appetites.


A wide range of standard and custom reporting options and financial risk analytics to ensure your exact reporting requirements are met and relevant and informative outputs can be produced from the information that you capture and collect.

A large catalogue of standard reports is provided out of the box which can either be used as-is or as templates and then tailored to meet your exact requirements. With direct access to the data, we remove the need to manually collate and collect data and streamline the process of compiling reports, which ultimately allows more time for analysis and proactive action.

Consistent and standardized reporting templates ensure that everyone is communicating and sharing information in understandable and consistent corporate formats.

Sword Operational Risk Manager

A feature-rich and fully web-based Risk Management System.

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