Sword Compliance Manager


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Get the peace of mind that your business is compliant and up to date with its obligations

With the ever-increasing number of compliance regulations, it is critical that businesses understand their status against the obligations that may apply.

The regulatory compliance landscape is a dynamic environment with laws constantly being introduced. It can be a daunting challenge for any organization to understand which mandates and regulations apply to their business. The implications of non-compliance have become increasingly costly and personal, even resulting in imprisonment in some cases, which has led to the board putting more pressure on process and department leads to ensure regulatory reporting and compliance are in order.

With compliance, regulatory information exists in pockets around the company across different departments, sites and divisions. The job of consolidating this information into an enterprise view is an intimidating and time-consuming task. Multiple departments can often use different approaches and reporting mechanisms to address compliance, making it difficult to consolidate across an organization.

Sword Compliance Manager, from Sword GRC, helps you achieve a clear view of compliance and produce the reports that your organization needs easily by helping you to collect, organize and manage compliance mandates in one place.

Have peace of mind and ensure continued compliance by keeping information up to date, prompting assessments when obligations change and driving the management of any corrective actions required. Gain a complete view for the first time of compliance across your business and see how individual mandates link into business processes, controls, risks, incidents and different areas of the organizational structure.


Get the peace of mind that your business is compliant and up to date with its obligations


Features & Benefits of Sword Compliance Manager

  • Easily manage thousands of obligations and mandates using Sword Compliance Manager’s configurable centralized compliance repository.
  • Import compliance mandates using Sword Compliance Manager’s sophisticated built-in, easy to use integration tools and save time by focusing on obligations and mandates that have updated since the last import.
  • Manage compliance gaps proactively by getting alerted to changes in mandates, compliance assessment status and control deficiencies as they arise.
  • Produce your compliance reports efficiently for standards such as COSO, COBIT, ITIL and ISO27001.
  • Utilise ARMs Survey Manager to easily gather compliance assessments from around the business by designing a set of your own compliance survey templates.
  • Speed up the control assessment process by defining control assessment surveys that can be sent to the relevant business users to collect control evaluations that can then be analyzed.
  • Create and manage corrective actions to remediate control deficiencies, instead of manually having to seek them out.
  • Raise, assess, manage and monitor risks around non-compliance to avoid surprises that could impact revenue or significantly damage individual and business reputation.
  • Manage all compliance artefacts in a central location by linking policies held in Sword Policy Manager to compliance obligations, controls, risks and other ARM elements, saving time and reducing duplication of effort.
  • Design your own dashboards to get the information you need immediately, view your compliance position from any number of angles, at a project, department or enterprise level. Select real-time statistics, links and reports for your dashboard that help you drive compliance.
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