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Sword Audit Manager

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  • Strategic Planning of Activities over multiple periods
  • Creation of annual plan of work supporting a risk-based audit methodology
  • Multiple options for linking risks to the Audit Universe
  • Audit Needs Risk Assessment Model
  • Progress Tracking with the target, revised and actual milestones
  • Progress points providing identification of overdue activities
  • Annual Plan Budget and Reporting functions
  • Contingency Budgets Management
  • Year-End Processing and Reporting functions
  • Staff resource and skills management
  • Staff Scheduling System, including Gantt charts and Time grids to show work allocation, availability and time conflicts
  • Weekly Timesheets System
  • Versatile Working Papers System with a wide range of standard and optional working papers
Audit manager left screen
Audit manager right screen white
  • Library facility for standard working papers and reference material
  • Risk and Control Matrix supports many to many relationship to optimise efficiency
  • Optional allocation of working papers to staff
  • Optional automatic referencing of working papers
  • Links with Sword Operational Risk Manager to generate working papers of risks, controls and optionally tests identified by management
  • Cross-linking between any working papers
  • Electronic review and sign-off of documents including generation and tracking of review points
  • Full Issues and Actions Tracking System with multiple levels
  • Comprehensive security model
  • Post activity questionnaire to gain feedback from the business