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Sword Audit Manager is a fully integrated Audit Management, Work Paper, Action Tracking and Reporting System which is tailored to suit the precise needs of an Internal Audit, Investigations, Compliance or other project-oriented departments.

When integrated with Sword Operational Risk Manager (Magique), it provides a full risk-based auditing methodology to plan from the risk register and feed the audit results back to the register. The system covers Strategic and Annual Planning, including Assurance Mapping which ensures targeting of high-risk areas whilst maintaining coverage and Intelligence gathering and processing. Activity Monitoring and Tracking ensuring problems and delays are identified and attended to at the earliest time with Resource Management, Scheduling and Time Recording to ensure effective use of resources.

A range of work papers which can be configured as required. The optional population of control testing papers from libraries of standard tests, risk registers and policy conformance exercises. All work papers include options for embedded links, hyperlinks and attachments.

Sword Audit Manager

Your solution to effective Audit and Assurance

  • Strategic Planning of Activities over multiple periods
  • Creation of annual plan of work supporting a risk-based audit methodology
  • Multiple options for linking risks to the Audit Universe
  • Audit Needs Risk Assessment Model
  • Progress Tracking with the target, revised and actual milestones
  • Progress points providing identification of overdue activities
  • Annual Plan Budget and Reporting functions
  • Contingency Budgets Management
  • Year-End Processing and Reporting functions
  • Staff resource and skills management
  • Staff Scheduling System, including Gantt charts and Time grids to show work allocation, availability and time conflicts
  • Weekly Timesheets System
  • Versatile Working Papers System with a wide range of standard and optional working papers
Audit manager left screen
Audit manager right screen white
  • Library facility for standard working papers and reference material
  • Risk and Control Matrix supports many to many relationship to optimise efficiency
  • Optional allocation of working papers to staff
  • Optional automatic referencing of working papers
  • Links with Sword Operational Risk Manager to generate working papers of risks, controls and optionally tests identified by management
  • Cross-linking between any working papers
  • Electronic review and sign-off of documents including generation and tracking of review points
  • Full Issues and Actions Tracking System with multiple levels
  • Comprehensive security model
  • Post activity questionnaire to gain feedback from the business