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Active Risk Manager: The Technology Behind Leading Edge Risk Management

Successful organisations have world-class risk management. It’s time for you to implement Enterprise Risk Management.

Active Risk Manager (ARM) is the world’s leading Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software package. Unlike traditional, compliance-focused ‘GRC’ solutions, ARM delivers far more value and capability to its users. With its robust and unique integrated approach, ARM is the only ERM solution that addresses the risk management needs of the entire organisation. From managing project and program risk through to strategic business planning, ARM helps organisations identify, analyse, control, monitor, mitigate and report on risk across the enterprise.

ARM is the award-winning core powering ERM in some of the world’s most respected organisations including London Underground, Crossrail, EADS, US Department of Homeland Security, UK MOD, Bechtel and Skanska. Combined with the full solution portfolio including ARM Risk Performance Manager, ARM Apps and ARM Unplugged, SNAPPit, Risk Express, ARM offers a complete ERM solution with modules that add value to and increase the effectiveness of risk management within your organisation.

ARM makes Risk Management SIMPLE, VALUABLE, and PERSONAL for everyone in your organisation.

For the Executive

Dashboards provide greater certainty of business objectives such as earnings and cash flow volatility.

Confidence of a governed Three Lines of Defense risk management process.

Full transparency of the potential business impact of every risk in the business against key risk appetite thresholds.

For the Risk Professionals

Centralized risk registers eliminate disparate spreadsheets and other silos of risk information.

Control libraries, templates and testing that provide assurance that current risk management processes and controls are effective.

Provision management which helps control the early drawdown of contingency funds on projects and programs leading to on-budget project delivery.

For the Project Risk Professionals

Advanced risk scoring and analysis display in risk heatmaps that help prioritize risk mitigation activities at a project, program, department or enterprise level.

Centralized codes and classifications that drive processes consistency and adoption.

Role-based views and apps that simplify data entry and viewing of risk information to accelerate process adoption.

Active Risk Manager Brochure

See why ARM is the World’s leading Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Software Package.

Active Risk Manager 2020: Features & Benefits

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Active Risk Manager Features


ARM BowTie allows users to create classic Bow-Tie structures, including causes, consequences, preventative and reactive controls through an easy to use diagrammatical interface.

Risk Express

ARM Risk Express is designed for Risk Owners to participate in the risk process through an easy to use interface designed specifically for them. This fits into the suite of user interfaces supported by Active Risk Manager.


ARM SNAPPit mobile incident management makes it secure, speedy and easy to report any accident, injury or incident on any device, at any time, from anywhere.

ARM Apps

ARM Apps provide an easy to use, cost-effective way to involve all employees in the parts of the risk process relevant to them.

  • ERP Systems including SAP
  • Project Management Systems including Microsoft® Project* and Oracle® Primavera* 
  • Document Management Systems including Microsoft® SharePoint*
  • Popular requirements management systems

*All registered trademarks acknowledged.

Every business is different, so ARM is designed to be flexible and configurable. Whether your organization supports risk management standards defined by the PMBOK, ISO 31000, Orange Book, COSO, FERMA or Solvency II, you’ll find ARM to be easily configured to support your unique requirements.