Project Risk Management Software Solutions

Project Risk Management Software Solutions

Our project risk management software solutions help achieve objectives and capitalize on opportunities

Managing risk effectively plays a critical role in successful project delivery. If potential risk events that could thwart the attainment of goals can be easily identified, understood and proactively managed to mitigate their impact – and on the upside, opportunities exploited – project outcomes are more likely to positive.

Project risk management software greatly facilitates the process of identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating risks that could jeopardize project success; attaining objectives, safely, to quality or technical specification, on time and within budget.

Digital solutions enable a holistic and integrated approach to project risk management, providing a single view of changing risk profiles across the project lifecycle, from strategy and planning, through to risk identification, quantitative and qualitative risk analysis, response planning, monitoring and control. 

Active Risk Manager

Plan for success and achieve desired project outcomes with Active Risk Manager

ARM helps organizations identify, analyze, control, monitor, mitigate and report on risk across the project or program lifecycle.

Key Features:

Import Project Schedules

ARM supports the ability to import project plans from external planning tools such as Primavera or Microsoft Project. Risk, mitigating plans and responses can then be linked to the activities when carrying out your risk assessment.

Schedule Risk Analysis

Schedule and cost impact analysis quantify the likely cost and time to completion of a project using ARM’s quantitative impact analysis. These analyses help to determine the likelihood of finishing a project on time and to budget whilst also identifying the required contingency to create certainty in successfully achieving the project outcomes. The risks which are most likely to cause delays or exceed the project budget are identified through these analyses and can be focused on to ensure the successful project outcome.

Risk Roll-Up and Aggregation

Risks from individual projects can be rolled up the organizational structure and re-assessed using different scoring schemes to maintain an appropriate view of risk throughout the business providing risk managers with contextual risk levels.


ARM BowTie is a dynamic workshopping tool encouraging multiple stakeholders to be involved in the risk identification process. Identify the key causes and consequences that can lead to or occur from a main event taking place and prioritize critical controls to help achieve desired project outcomes.


Utilize ARM dashboards to summarize project risk and drive users to the key information at hand.

Risk Express

Involve everyone participating within the project space in the risk identification, assessment and mitigation process using a simplified interface designed to remove unnecessary information and therefore drive the risk process. 

For Project Risk Professionals

  • Advanced risk scoring displayed in heatmaps to prioritize risk mitigation activities and powerful risk impact analysis to remove uncertainty from your projects.
  • Provision management which helps control the early drawdown of contingency funds on projects and programs leading to on-budget project delivery.
  • Role-based views and apps that simplify data entry and viewing of risk information to accelerate process adoption.

“The benefits have been felt across the entire project and reflected in the employee feedback survey scores which have been overwhelmingly positive.”  

Robert Jackson
Project Risk, RWE Renewables



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