British Nuclear Group

British Nuclear Group cleans up with Active Risk
Manager (ARM) from Sword GRC. ARM, the market-leading
risk management software solution will enable project-
level risk management with central control.

The Customer

British Nuclear Group is a world leader in the nuclear clean-up business. Established by BNFL to bring a specialist focus to clean up operations, British Nuclear Group has a proud track record of applying exceptional experience to complex nuclear challenges. Its design and operational solutions are actively delivering a safer environment, both now and for the future.

Standardising Systems

As part of a new drive to standardize procedures, British Nuclear Group has reviewed all of its in-house systems and identified the need to have one common way of working across functions, including risk management.

After considering a number of risk management solutions, the Group chose Active Risk Manager (ARM) from Sword GRC. The decision was made to roll out ARM for both the project and operational areas of British Nuclear Group, following its initial successful adoption and use in the Management Services business.

Operating Safely and Cost Efficiently

British Nuclear Group Management Services is the site management business that manages both operational plant and delivers accelerated site clean-up operations at the Sellafield site in West Cumbria, as well as various reactor sites where the historic Magnox reactors were operated.

Many of the buildings on the older sites are ageing and the main aim of the NDA programe is to reduce any potential hazard by treating the waste and changing it into a safe and environmentally friendly state. Using Active Risk Manager within the Programe Office enables a central overview of all projects, while project managers have accountability and visibility of their own work. Robin Phillips can report back to the NDA – ‘the customer’ who is ultimately responsible for the assets of all sites.”

Key Benefits include:

  • Single, central overall of all risk information while providing accountability at the project or individual level.
  • Enables a risk management hierarchy of over 10,000 identified risks – to flag and escalate risks as appropriate
  • Ensures business compliance and governance
  • Enables critical risks to be identified for focus
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