Policy Management Software Solutions

Policy Management Software Solutions

Our policy management software transforms policies from unread documents to effective policy instruments of change

In today’s regulatory environments, policies and procedures are at the heart of good governance. Organizations need to be able to create, implement, enforce and maintain a wide range of policies throughout their lifecycles, regularly reviewing, updating or archiving them as necessary.

Effective policy management helps to mitigate risk by guiding safety practices and protecting a business, by building an audit trail in instances of legal action and safeguarding from litigation through adherence to accreditation standards.

A comprehensive set of policies and effective policy management can also communicate expectations and boundaries to employees, giving them a framework for conduct, help to enforce a culture of compliance within the business and assist in the achievement of business objectives.

Adjusting and adapting to the needs of your organization, Sword GRC’s policy management software centralizes policies in one accessible place, shares information effectively enterprise-wide, keeps policies relevant and updated and provides an audit trail.

Key Features:

Centralized Storage for all Document Formats

Policy Manager provides a centralized repository for all types of documents such as policies, procedures and work instructions. Storing all documents in a centralized repository removes the threat of out-of-date or redundant policies being stored in disparate locations. 

Standards-Compliant Authoring Workflow

Configure Policy Manager to adapt to your organization and follow your policy procedure. Such features as collaborative authoring, configurable approval and periodical review cycles make it easy to ensure your documents are up-to-date and compliant with the organization’s policy process. 

Policy Distribution

With Policy Manager, it’s easy to make sure the right business units, departments or resources are up to date with the latest policies. Policy owners no longer have to manually pick impacted individuals from spreadsheets. 

Comprehension Testing and Policy Feedback

Ensure that all relevant stakeholders understand the policy that is put in place with configurable testing and the opportunity to offer feedback to improve the policy where necessary. 

Work-Driven Portal and Notifications

When users log in to Policy Manager, they are immediately driven to the policies that require their attention to ensure organization-wide compliance. When action is required, users are notified through email and can quickly access Policy Manager to update policies or sign off on them. 



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