Occupational Health & Safety Risk Management Software Solutions

Occupational Health & Safety Risk Management Software solutions

Our Occupational Health & Safety risk management software solutions help ensure a safe and healthy working environment is a productive one

Risk management plays a critical role in creating and maintaining safe and healthy workplace environments, whilst assisting organizations in meeting their legislative responsibilities as employers.

When occupational health and safety risk management is integrated into core business operations, best practice is ensured, helping to prevent accidents, injuries and physical harm within the workforce and boosting business performance.

A safe and healthy working environment is a productive one. With health and safety very much on the agenda for both private and public sector organizations, the onus is to recognize the hazards, evaluate risk exposure and implement effective control measures.

Now there’s a way to ensure that the risk controls you have in place are being followed by operatives in the field and incidents can be averted.

Be confident that your risk controls are effective and being correctly followed with Sword Verify and ARM software

Sword Verify is a mobile safety checking and control verification app designed to help minimize near-misses and incidents, removing reliance on paper-based checklists and forms. Sword Verify expands Active Risk Manager’s reach to encompass all operations and to help close the loop on the risk management process.

Key Features:

BowTie Analysis

Using ARM’s BowTie analysis tool, multiple stakeholders can identify the key causes and consequences which can lead to or be caused by a central event. Once identified, controls can be added to each risk to reduce their likelihood or impact. Commonly occurring or critical controls can then be highlighted for organizational focus. 

Control Verification

Risk managers or site managers can then create a set of safety check questions or a verification for each control and then assign these to a process, location, piece of machinery or equipment to ensure the safety of any operators and effective operation of the control. 

Sword Verify App

Control owners, supervisors or operators can log in to the Sword Verify app and complete any control verifications to ensure that controls are operating effectively on a scheduled basis.  

Operators can scan a QR code, enter a pin or search for an activity and then answer a set of questions to ensure their safety. If safety is in doubt, they are issued with a stop work notification and advised to seek help – reducing the likelihood of incidents occurring. 

ARM Dashboard and Reporting

 ARM’s reporting solution, ViewPoint enables organizations to create custom reports to communicate risk throughout the enterprise. Coupled with a set of editable standard reports, ARM has a complete offering to cover every business units’ reporting needs. 

Why ARM for occupational health and safety risk management?

  • Promote safety culture within the organization
  • Mitigate risks and reduce incident rates
  • Protect the workforce
  • Ensure legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Offers real-time monitoring and feedback on controls
  • Provides consistency and confidence in procedures and processes
  • Safeguard business reputation
  • Reduce workloads for control managers
  • Provides traceability for audit purposes
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface, no complex navigation required
  • Suitable for numerous environments, not just ‘high risk’ scenarios 

There's a better way to manage occupational health & safety risk.

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