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Government departments are always held to the highest compliance requirements and standards. Risk management is an integral part of showing that a department can meet its obligations and standards. Active Risk Manager and Sword Compliance Manager can be configured to suit any governments risk and compliance processes and help support your framework.

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Government organizations around the world are required to meeting increasingly stringent governance and legislation standards.  This dramatic increase in compliance and audit requirements together with tightening budgets is focusing all forward-thinking government departments and agencies to rethink their approach to risk management.

A silo-approach to managing risk is no longer adequate, neither is discrete compliance programs within various business units.  If risk and opportunity are managed appropriately with the bigger picture in view, government organizations can benefit significantly from the joined up thinking that enterprise risk management delivers.

Sword GRC provides an Enterprise Risk Management platform that keeps all risk and opportunity information in a central repository, automating and streamlining risk, compliance policy and audit processes.  Active Risk Manager helps government, regulatory and state-owned organisations to manage their risk and compliance initiatives more effectively and efficiently.

Enterprise Risk Management is now a requirement for all Federal Agencies and Departments.  Now entitled ‘Management’s Responsibility for Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control’ the new OMB A-123 in the United States underlines the importance of the relationship between internal Controls and Enterprise Risk Management.  This is seen by many as the next step following the introduction of ‘risk-based thinking’ in ISO9001:2015.

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