Proactivity – managing causes and consequences

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Proactivity – managing causes and consequences

Overview of the Event:

Waiting for problems to occur, or “fighting fires”, is a costly and inefficient approach to risk management. If you are not proactively addressing the problems you face, you will end up facing suboptimal outcomes like losing money and running out of resources. Join us for this session to learn more about cause and consequence analysis as a proactive solution to these common problems.

Proactivity – Managing Causes and Consequences is the first installment in our ongoing “ARM Workouts” series – insightful 30-minute sessions to help you build strength in various areas of the risk process and increase productivity and skillsets with Active Risk Manager. Whether you’re a new risk manager or a veteran ARM user, these targeted discussions and demonstrations will help you understand and implement beneficial techniques into your risk process. New sessions are scheduled for the first Friday of the month at 12 pm ET. 






Friday, 6th August, 2021


1 hour

California – 09:00 am PDT

Chicago – 11:00 am CDT

New York – 12:00 pm EST

Date – Friday, 6th August, 2021

Region – USA

Duration – 1 hour


  • California – 09:00am PDT
  • Chicago – 11:00am CDT
  • New York – 12:00 pm EST
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