Enterprise Risk Management Software Solutions

Enterprise Risk Management Software Solutions

Our enterprise risk management software solutions help you manage risks and seize opportunities

Complex organizations, across all sectors of industry, face a broad and constantly evolving spectrum of risks which must be managed effectively in order to minimize their threats and maximize their potential.

Enterprise risk management (ERM) brings an integrated and holistic approach to managing the risks that are inherent to business processes, organization-wide, across networks and geographies.

Equipped with a framework to proactively identify risks and opportunities, assess their likelihood and scale of impact, define response strategies and monitor process, businesses are better placed to make risk-based decisions, achieve strategic objectives and create value for stakeholders, whilst meeting the demands of regulators.

Sword GRC can help you capitalize on the benefits of enterprise risk management, including:

  • Greater competitive advantage
  • Increased likelihood of achieving strategic objectives
  • Meeting stakeholder expectations
  • Improved governance
  • Legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Better decision making
  • Enhanced communication and reporting

Active Risk Manager

Identify, assess and manage risks across the enterprise with Sword GRC’s risk management software. Discover what makes Active Risk Manager the world’s leading risk management solution. Meet your organization’s ERM needs through a flexible solution to fit around your processes and frameworks rather than the other way round. Every aspect of ARM is configurable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each business unit with minimum effort required to make changes. 

Key Features:


Gain a holistic view of risk across the organization using dashboards to visualize and communicate key risk metrics. Give stakeholders and executives real-time insights into the risks and opportunities most prevalent to their business goals.

Risk Express

Get the whole organization involved in the management of risk through a simplified interface which drives users to carry out their required actions. Remove unnecessary noise so that users can focus on the actions at hand to help achieve the business goals. 

Risk Roll-Up and Escalation

Risks from all areas of the business can be rolled up and re-assessed using the same scoring assessment to gain that single view of risk across the enterprise and identify the top risks for the organization. 


ARM’s reporting solution, ViewPoint enables organizations to create custom reports to communicate risk throughout the enterprise. Coupled with a set of editable standard reports, ARM has a complete offering to cover every business units’ reporting needs. 


ARM BowTie is the ultimate collaborative workshop tool to identify risks in a particular scenario. Involve all stakeholders in the identification process to ensure that all information is captured. BowTies display risk data visually to help organizations recognize the critical controls that are shared across business units. 

For us risk is inherently simple – it’s about identifying the right risks and making sure the right responses are being managed. ARM gives us the scalability we need to do just that.” 

Steve Wilson
Risk Lead, Eight20 



Providing 360° Contextual Awareness of Risk


An operational risk sound practice guidance.


Assessing the value of risk management

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