Customer Support

Customer Support

Need some assistance? Get in touch through our support portal.

Remove barriers to your success with technical assistance and guidance from our support team

The Sword GRC Support Team is comprised of individuals knowledgeable in the practicalities of risk management projects and trained in the installation and usage of all Sword GRC products.

Sword GRC support can be contacted by telephone hotline, email and via the Customer Support Portal. The portal offers 24/7:

  • Online issue logging
  • Access to new releases, updates and fixes
  • Documentation downloads
  • Access to the Sword GRC Knowledge Base

Speak to your Sword GRC Account Manager to discuss the support options right for your specific needs and time-zones.

EMEA Support:
+44 (0)1628 582550

US Support:
+1 (703) 673 9582

APAC Support:
+61 (3) 9988 6964

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