Compliance Software Solutions

Compliance Software Solutions

Our compliance software solutions help develop a culture of integrity, accountability and transparency

Regulatory compliance risk cannot be ignored. Increasing volumes and complexity of laws, regulations, standards and guidelines make compliance goals a moving target for many organizations. Yet fail to comply with the external legal mandates pertinent to your sector and operational activity and you leave your business extremely vulnerable – to lawsuits, financial liability, penalties, loss of reputation and more.

Sword GRC can help you develop a culture of integrity, accountability and transparency within your organization, equipping your team with the tools for regulatory compliance best practice.  

Sword Compliance Manager

Sword Compliance Manager brings a risk-based approach to regulatory compliance management, bringing visibility to areas of vulnerability and enabling compliance departments to prioritize their time. A collaborative operating model supports business agility, helps reduce costs through efficiency gains and provides a means of keeping up-to-date with changes in governance, compliance and legislative requirements.

Key Features:

Obligation and Control Management

Sword Compliance Manager enables the importing of compliance obligations from external regulatory providers to add new and update existing obligations that apply to your organization. These can be recorded in a hierarchical structure for easy maintenance. Controls can then be added and recorded against each obligation to demonstrate your compliance.

Obligation and Control Assessment

Controls and obligations can be assessed on a periodical basis to ensure they are up-to-date and being correctly followed to prove your organization’s compliance status. The required resources are sent an email alert to complete a compliance survey making it easy for them to guarantee the control or obligation is being followed.

Remedial Actions

Create and manage corrective actions to remediate control deficiencies, instead of manually having to seek them out. 

Risk Based Approach to Compliance

Raise, assess, manage and monitor risks around non-compliance to avoid surprises that could impact revenue or significantly damage individual and business reputation.

Regulatory Export

Evidence can be uploaded to obligations in all formats to demonstrate regulatory compliance. Through linkage with audits, all evidence can then be zipped up and exported for auditors to easily assess.

Integrated Policy Management

Upload and store all policies related to obligations or controls in a centralized repository.

“The Compliance team have adopted the risk event reporting functionality to enable any colleague to submit regulatory breach incidents via the intranet. Similar to the risk events process, regulatory breaches are sent directly to the Compliance team for triage.

“… this automation will reduce the administrative burden associated with this activity, and ensure any regulatory breaches are be dealt with efficiently, enabling timely internal and external reporting.”