Enhanced data visualization deepens understanding and strengthens risk intelligence

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Enhanced data visualization deepens understanding and strengthens risk intelligence

It’s not hard to see how a keener understanding of the connections between risks can lead to better risk intelligence. And how the ability to see the ‘full picture’ of risks and their relationships with one another – both project and enterprise-wide – can support more informed decisions around risk management. Jenny Ritson Smith, Global Marketing Manager explains how the innovative new risk data visualization tool within ARM 2022, Sword Visualizer, takes depth of understanding to whole new levels.

“Anyone working with, interrogating and analysing risk data will appreciate that the insights gained are highly valuable – enabling organizations to manage uncertainty, plan effectively and keep projects on track and aligned with strategy.

“Risk management data, in lists, risk registers or even single Bowtie structures can only go so far in representing risk information. How do you know which risks are far-reaching, affecting other risks and with multiple impacts? It’s difficult to know which risks should be prioritized in an organization’s efforts to mitigate threats, making best use of resources, or on the other hand, to see where value-add opportunities may be present.

“You need to be able to ‘step back’ and see the complete picture – and Sword Visualizer, the latest feature added to the Active Risk Manager solution set, offers exactly that: an enhanced visual representation of all risks across the enterprise in relation to others. How their interplay can impact across projects, departments or business units, even geographies.

“This single view of risks and their connectivity, enterprise-wide, provides risk professionals and business leaders with a newfound depth of understanding. Any interdependencies between risks and their ripple or domino effects are made apparent and armed with this knowledge, the right steps can be taken for effective mitigation or to capitalize on opportunities for positive risk-taking.

“The deep dive level of risk intelligence attained with Sword Visualizer can be very powerful – enabling cross-departmental communication, supporting better decision-making and essentially, adding greater value to an organization’s risk management; great news, whichever way you look at it!”

A visual route to smarter risk management

– Sword Visualizer benefits

  1. The complete picture of relationships between risk records in a clear visual hierarchy
  2. See when one risk record impacts a wider footprint
  3. See links between risks and other risk entities, such as KPIs and KRIs
  4. The full expanse of the risk network in one ‘frame’
  5. See how BowTie records inter-relate and understand risk commonality
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