Audit Management Software Solutions

Audit Management Software Solutions

Sword GRC’s audit management software

Audit management can be challenging, given increasing business complexity across all sectors and the growing volume and scale of audits that must be conducted within many organizations in order to meet regulations, safety and quality standards and ensure customer satisfaction.

Effective audit management sheds light on the risks within business operations and the effectiveness of internal controls in place to prevent and mitigate risk events.


In today’s climate, manual spreadsheet-based systems or point solutions simply do not provide the accuracy and availability of information required, collaboration within lines of business and stakeholders or visibility into control status.

Sword GRC’s audit management software simplifies the entire auditing process, streamlining the execution of internal audit activities and compliance efforts, supporting configurable workflows, aiding understanding and enabling detailed feedback about the business to leadership and decision-makers. Automation of auditing tasks enhances quality and reduces overall auditing costs.

Sword Audit Manager

Audit Planning

Sword Audit Manager provides functionality for strategic planning of activities over multiple periods and generation of the annual plan of work supporting a risk-based audit methodology.

Horizon / Intelligence Scanning

Intelligence logged through horizon scanning can be risk assessed using configurable parameters so the intelligence can be incorporated into the audit plans.

Strategic Planning

Prioritize audit work to optimize the risk and control coverage and therefore maximise assurance. Activities can be balanced with available audit resource to ensure they are realistic.

Working Papers System

A versatile working papers system is provided with a wide range of standard and optional working papers.

“Since implementing Sword Audit Manager to manage our audit and compliance documents, we have reaped huge benefits. Anecdotally, I would say we have increased efficiencies by at least 30%.” 

Michael Hunter
Managing Director of Internal Audit, SDFCU



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