Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Sword GRC Software via the Cloud

For fast implementation, greater agility, resilience and scalability, with reduced internal IT skills dependency

Cloud based computing – also known as hosted computing – offers the flexibility, scalability and resilience your organisation needs for ‘anytime access’ to a wide range of business applications, without high infrastructure expenses upfront or the need for in-house IT personnel.

Sword GRC’s cloud version is delivered by Amazon Web Services.

About Amazon Web Services

Low-cost, scalable and a highly reliable infrastructure platform, Amazon web Services has been adopted by thousands of businesses globally.

US, Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Brazil are among the datacentre locations. The locations available for the ARM and Amazon Web Services offering are widespread to make sure the system is robust and secured against the impact of outages or other such problems.

Why Active Risk Manager and Amazon Web Services? 

Businesses choosing ARM in conjunction with Amazon Web Services benefit from immediate deployment, no shortage of storage space (the cloud provides the equivalent of thousands of servers), and productivity made easy.

Key Benefits

Cost savings

Moving from the capital-heavy expense of installing, maintaining and upgrading on-premises IT infrastructure to the operational cost of an Amazon Web Services hosted drives measurable cost savings.

Software Updates

Sword GRC as an Amazon Web Services partner deals with hardware and software updates, removing a significant workload from your in-house IT department (whose extra human bandwidth can, in theory, be released for different tasks, such as integration with existing on premise applications).


A browser and an internet connection is all that is required to access an ARM application hosted on

Amazon Web Services, which can therefore be made available on a wide range of desktop and mobile

devices (RiskExpress only on mobile).


As the IT infrastructure, and your data, resides in the Amazon Web Services datacentre, if a disaster were to strike your business premises, ARM can be back up and running relatively easily from any location with internet-connected computers.


With ARM & Amazon Web Services, you can take advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global

computing infrastructure, based on the virtual backbone of’s multi-billion dollar online business.

Data mobility

If you wish to cease hosting your ARM application, we are able to provide you with your data and content.


ARM on Amazon Web Services utilises an end-to-end approach to secure and harden our infrastructure,

including physical, operational, and software measures. To ensure the safety and integrity of your data, Amazon’s data centres and services have several layers of physical and operational security for ‘end to end’ privacy and security.

Scalable and high-performance

You are not limited to a set amount of computing resources, bandwidth or storage and can scale computing resources downwards or upwards without difficulty and with very little friction. ARM is backed by Amazon’s massive infrastructure, ensuring you have access to computer and storage resources when you need them, in line with business growth.

Easy to use

ARM and Amazon Web Services is a quick and secure host application for your risk environment, fully managed by SAR.

Penetration Testing  

ARM Software is used by many of world’s leading defence manufacturers and is regularly pen tested by the Supplier’s customers.


Data in-flight is encrypted over industry standard HTTPS. Data within S3 (e.g. database backups) is encrypted using AES-256.


All ARM Services are protected by up to date anti-virus checkers.

DNS Security and Certificates

The Supplier owns the domain names and certificates required to access the ARM Services.

Active Risk Manager & Amazon Web Services

Sword Active Risk’s work with Amazon Web Services.