ARM Apps

ARM Apps

Are you seeing the full picture of risks and opportunities across your business?

ARM Apps provide the easy to use, cost-effective way to involve all employees in the parts of the risk process relevant to them. This means the breadth of risk and opportunity information available for strategic decision making will be as comprehensive and accurate as possible.

ARM Apps are easy-to-use web applications that you can access through your intranet, Microsoft® SharePoint™ or via mobile devices. They deliver access to just the parts of the risk process relevant for each job role, embedded into the systems employees use to perform daily tasks. ARM Apps mean that there’s no need for everyone to become a risk management expert to be able to play their part. Training costs are substantially reduced as a result. ARM Apps make it easy and affordable to embed a risk-aware culture throughout the business and to meet compliance requirements.

ARM Apps enable your organization to:
  • Provide the ability for relevant employees to enter all types of risk-related data such as risks, opportunities, issues, accidents and incidents
  • Let managers review risk information and the related controls, treatment plans, fall-backs and actions
  • Reduce the requirements for employee training yet still engage everyone in the risk process
  • Collate all risk-related data into a single, secure, auditable system that provides the risk system of record for your business
  • Take smarter, better informed risks based on the best possible information
ARM Apps makes risk management simple, valuable and personal:
  • Simple – the relevant bite-sized chunks of the risk process are intuitive to use for each employee.
  • Valuable –  tap into the collective knowledge in the whole business to make smarter decisions.
  • Personal – make the relevant part of the risk process part of everyone’s daily activity.

How can you involve everyone in the risk process to ensure your organisation has the full picture of risks and opportunities?