Active Risk Manager

Active Risk Manager

Active Risk Manager

Successful organizations have world-class risk management.

Active Risk Manager (ARM) is the world’s leading Risk Management software solution. With its robust and unique integrated approach, ARM is the only solution that addresses the risk management needs of the entire organization. From managing project and program risk through to strategic business planning, ARM helps organizations identify, analyze, control, monitor, mitigate and report on risk across the enterprise.

ARM is the award-winning solution of the world’s most respected organizations including London Underground, EADS, US Department of Homeland Security, UK MOD, Bechtel and Skanska.

Combined with the full solution portfolio including Sword Audit Manager, Sword Compliance Manager, Sword Policy Manager, Sword ViewPoint and Risk Express, Sword GRC offers a complete solution to provide a single view of risk within your organization.

ARM makes Risk Management SIMPLE, VALUABLE, and PERSONAL for everyone in your organization.

For the Executive

Dashboards provide greater certainty of business objectives such as earnings and cash flow volatility.

Confidence of governed Three Lines of Defense risk management process

Risk roll-up provides full transparency of the potential business impact of every risk in the organization, enabling a single view of risk from the top-level down.

For the Risk Professionals

Centralized risk registers eliminate disparate spreadsheets and other silos of risk information.

Control libraries, templates and testing that provide assurance that current risk management processes and controls are effective.

Standard Reports which can be customized make it easy to communicate risk across the organization and fit to your business objectives.

For the Project Risk Professionals

Advanced risk scoring displayed in heatmaps to prioritize risk mitigation activities and powerful risk impact analysis to remove uncertainty from your projects.

Provision management which helps control the early drawdown of contingency funds on projects and programs leading to on-budget project delivery.

Role-based views and apps that simplify data entry and viewing of risk information to accelerate process adoption.

Active Risk Manager Brochure

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Active Risk Manager Features


Instantly access the key-information that requires your immediate attention and any actions that are due through ARM dashboards.

  • Create personalized or generic dashboards for the entire enterprise to provide an overview of the organization’s projects to drive decision-making.
  • Drill-through directly to records that require attention and make changes immediately.
  • Utilise a combination of chart, table and calendar widgets to visualize data to make it insightful and meaningful to individuals.

ARM BowTie

ARM BowTie allows users to create classic Bow-Tie structures to identify causes and consequences along with the preventative and reactive controls to reduce the likelihood and impact of a central event occurring.

  • Suitable for use in a workshop environment to collaboratively capture risks and mitigating controls.
  • Quickly identify critical controls that apply to multiple risks and should therefore be focused on.
  • Create a BowTie library so that previously created BowTies can be applied and amended to fit new projects.
  • Export BowTie’s to PDF to easily share ahead of Risk Review sessions.


ViewPoint is ARM’s reporting solution that comes with a set of standard reports out-of-the-box which can be used or modified to fit the organization’s needs. Creating custom reports in ViewPoint is as easy as simply dragging and dropping a field on to the report to return the specified data.​

  • ViewPoint makes it easy for users to build custom reports without prior report building experience due to its familiar and easy to learn report builder interface.
  • A suite of standard reports can be used by the organization as soon the solution is implemented but also provide a template for effortlessly building custom reports.
  • Slice and dice data using powerful filtering to get straight to the information at hand.
  • Visualizing data is simple using the set of charts and graphs which are embedded within the solution.

Risk Express

ARM Risk Express is designed for Risk Owners to participate in the risk process through an easy to use, light-touch interface designed specifically for them. This enables full enterprise engagement by providing the specific information needed for users to carry out their role in the risk management process.​

  • A simplified interface which can be accessed on mobile devices, ARM Risk Express focuses on enriching the Risk Owner’s engagement by providing them with a simplified lists of the risks and actions that require their attention and input.
  • ARM Risk Express is a real-time database containing all the validation and static data from the ARM desktop solution to share a common view and assessment of what risk means to the business.

Schedule and Cost Impact Analysis​

ARM features quantitative impact analysis to quantify the likely cost and time to completion of a project using Monte Carlo Analysis. Identify the risks that are most likely to delay a project or exceed the project budget so that these risks can be focused on to ensure the successful project outcome.

  • Produce risk adjusted Gantt charts to display where risk and uncertainty is impacting the schedule and drill in to inspect the mitigating actions that are required to keep the project on track.
  • Save the results of each analysis so that they can be re-visited and shared easily across the organization.
  • Compare different scenarios together to identify the risks or actions that ensure that the project is executed to time and budget.

API Integration

Via an OData REST API, ARM can be integrated with other applications such as Tableau, PowerBI, Excel or data warehousing solutions to gather data across the whole organization for enterprise reporting or analysis.

  • ARM’s REST API is flexible enabling it to integrate with a whole host of other solutions.
  • Integrating ARM with other applications is simple and requires very little technical knowledge meaning data can be extracted in the matter of minutes.
  • Personalized Access Tokens ensure that users are only exposed to the data that is available to them, guaranteeing that ARM’s robust security model is followed.