About Us

Sword GRC provides an award-winning platform for Governance, Risk and Compliance, made up of best-of-breed solutions that address the requirements of all enterprise market sectors.

With a long and distinguished heritage, Sword GRC brings together a suite of complementary products in the GRC space available either as a cloud solution or standalone on-premises installation. With a strong focus on driving fast time to value, and harnessing the latest technologies, Sword GRC delivers a versatile range of solutions that support better business decisions through a single view of risk to support enterprise-wide risk-based compliance.

The Sword GRC product set covers Risk, Audit, Compliance, Policy Management and Incident Management.

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Strong solutions for every market

In January 2019, Sword GRC acquired Magique Galileo for its market leading Audit and Risk solutions which are targeted predominantly at the financial services industry.  Sword GRC is now able to offer a strong solution set to enterprises in every market sector and its solutions are used by organizations as diverse as the US Air Force, Bechtel, US Federal Aviation Administrations, Downer, International Olympic Committee, Lockheed Martin, Crossrail, UK Ministry of Defence, Skanska, Yorkshire Building Society, Honda Manufacturing, Paragon Bank, Spire Energy and Hinshaw Law.

Award winning Solutions

In 2018, Sword GRC offerings were named Risk Product of the Year by StrategicRisk Asia-Pacific for its work with road operator company Transurban. In 2016 Plan International won the Institute of Risk Management Global Winners awards for managing risk across boundaries.   In 2015 Sword GRC released its Risk Express product, an end-user tool for collecting and managing risk data that received an Innovation Award from the analyst firm GRC 20/20.

Committed product development

Sword GRC has a strong track record of investing in product development for the benefit of end-users, driving wider adoption across the enterprise.  During the last six years, the company has consistently upgraded its solution offering for Risk as well as bringing to market new solutions for Compliance, Policy Management and a range of innovative apps and user interfaces designed for use by business users. In this way, Sword GRC is empowering organizations to take a more risk-based approach to every aspect of business, by engaging business users at every level, to gather more information, thereby presenting a more complete picture of risk, compliance and the associated opportunities to senior management in a way that is consistent, measurable and actionable.

The future of GRC

Going forward Sword GRC will continue to improve cross-functional collaboration and alignment between its solutions by automating processes, streamlining workflow and innovative use of visualisation tools.

It’s powerful analytic and reporting capabilities deliver risk, compliance and audit information in a range of intuitive and user-friendly media that provide a highly personalised user experience.