Sword GRC announces Active Risk Manager 2020 availability

Maidenhead, Berks – April 1, 2020 – Sword GRC  has announced general availability for the latest version of its flagship product, Active Risk Manager 2020. This major upgrade provides a range of increased usability features designed with business users in mind. Six significant areas of enhancement include; Formula Based Scoring to  support the reporting and management of Cyber Risk; extended BowTie analysis to better present related risks and the possible consequences; a completely new, user-focused reporting tool called ViewPoint which that is so intuitive to use it requires no additional training for business users; updated Risk Express that delivers more control and flexibility in the risk management process; updates to Compliance Manager to include document associations keeping all related information in one place; and, Maximum Foreseeable Loss/Driving Impact analysis.

Keith Ricketts, VP Marketing at Sword GRC said: “With this latest release, ARM 2020 we continue our journey to bring Risk into everyday usage across the enterprise, enabling a Single View of Risk. We have added significant numbers of enhancements to User Interfaces throughout the product, as well as extending suitability to include Cyber Risk within the risk universe.  In addition, new enhancements to our range of reporting and data capture apps, along with closer integrations with Compliance provide the platform for organizations to build a truly risk aware culture.”

Formula Based Scoring in ARM 2020 enables fully customisable risk scoring for a wider number of use cases and processes within a range of business disciplines, such as cybersecurity, nuclear, and health & safety. Formulae can be made up of up to 12 different factors, making risk scoring more accurate and meaningful than the tradition method based on ratings for likelihood and severity. In addition, each factor can be weighted, or certain scenarios baselined. Formula Based Scoring eliminates the need for spreadsheets or departmental data silos, as it is stored within the centralized Risk Management platform, providing uniform processes across the enterprise.

Managing Cyber Risk is supported with CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) ratings for IT and Information assets.

ARM BOWtie enables users to create, view and analyse risk data graphically, focusing on causes and consequences and the controls associated with them. Within ARM 2020, BOWtie supports proactive risk assessments and provides a way to represent seemingly casual relationships across risk situations. A new interactive and responsive interface enables users to quickly and easily create new BowTies, model multiple scenarios simultaneously, and drill down into the detail for powerful analysis.  ARM BOWtie enables users to share risk intelligence with stakeholders in a more engaging and meaningful fashion.

ARM ViewPoint is a completely new, browser-based custom reporting solution that is easy and intuitive to use, significantly reducing training requirements and boosting user adoption.

Users can quickly build visually impactful, custom reports covering risk, compliance, incident and audit.

New Risk Express provides more engaging dashboards and dials, ensuring that risk owners within the business are always aware of risks due for review, helping to clarify areas for focused attention.

Sword Compliance Manager now features tight integration with Sword ViewPoint enabling more details reports covering a wider range of compliance data. Additional alert notifications enable compliance managers to track and notify progress of compliance assessments more effectively.

Maximum Foreseeable Loss/Driving Impact analysis is a way to prioritise the worst case scenario and highest potential impact on the business. A way to keep visibility of potential Black Swans.

ARM 2020 is available to maintained customers from 1 April 2020, and will be on show throughout 2020 during Sword GRC’s program of webinars, workshops and roundtables. 




About Sword GRC
Sword GRC provides an award-winning platform for Governance, Risk and Compliance, made up of best-of-breed solutions that address the requirements of all enterprise market sectors.  With a long and distinguished heritage, Sword GRC brings together a suite of complementary products in the GRC space available either as a cloud solution or standalone on-premises installations.

With a strong focus on driving fast time to value, and harnessing the latest technologies, Sword GRC delivers a versatile range of solutions that support better business decisions through a single view of risk to support enterprise-wide risk-based compliance. The Sword GRC product set covers Risk, Audit, Compliance, Quality, and Policy Management

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