Sword GRC announces new Sword Compliance Manager solution and Active Risk Manager 11

ARM 11 and Sword Compliance Manager introduce cutting edge User Interface, Surveys and user-configurable Dashboards to give more coverage of Risk & Compliance Management across the Enterprise and throughout the Supply Chain.

1 April 2019 – Sword GRC, a supplier of specialist governance, risk and compliance solutions, has announced the availability of the latest version of its flagship product, Active Risk Manager (ARM) and Sword Compliance Manager, a brand new solution developed for users working in compliance and governance that allows a risk-based approach to compliance. Both products benefit from new features including Surveys, enabling the risk and compliance departments to gather information from diverse areas of the business, including the supply chain; and, a new User Interface, making the products even more intuitive to use by people who are not risk practitioners. Dashboards have been introduced for both ARM 11 and Sword Compliance Manager, and full integration with Sword Policy Manager.

Sword Compliance Manager enables organizations to take a risk-based approach to the management of compliance regulations. Sword Compliance Manager helps to identify areas of high risk within the compliance space, enabling compliance departments to prioritize their time. Compliance becomes part of the risk universe, achieves greater visibility, while avoiding data silos. Sword Compliance Manager is available as a standalone product, or fully integrated with ARM 11 and/or Sword Policy Manager, which allows users to map policies to areas of compliance and then monitor and track the performance of those policies against those areas of compliance.

The new Dashboards facility provides a consolidated view of risk and compliance data, which is completely configurable either to the organization/risk landscape or for the specific individual user or groups of users. Dashboards ensure that users have the information they use every day, at their fingertips, enhancing communication and collaboration between users. Examples of the type of information that can be displayed on a dashboard include:

* Top Threats and Opportunities

* Aggregated Expected Monetary Value aggregates

* Risks to be reviewed

* Outstanding Actions

* Performance against Compliance obligations

ARM 11 and Sword Compliance Manager have a completely new User Interface that has been designed with pages that scroll through the whole of each domain, making it much easier to navigate for infrequent users.

Keith Ricketts, VP of Global Marketing at Sword GRC commented; “ARM 11 and Sword Compliance Manager deliver on our vision to enable organizations to extend the reach of risk, across the enterprise and beyond. The new user interface ensures that Risk and Compliance Management is an interactive experience that is as easy to use as possible. Dashboards ensure that risk information is delivered to users, in an easily actionable way. Sword Compliance Manager provides risk-based compliance to a new range of users, and Surveys enables the risk and compliance teams to gather information from many more users, including those in the supply chain.

“By making risk and compliance tasks an easy and intuitive part of the business users’ daily work, the risk and compliance functions are able to reach more users, build trust and collaboration across the business and ultimately, deliver a more comprehensive, single view of risk, that is more actionable, to the board and senior management.”

ARM 11 will be shipping for customers with maintenance contracts from 31 March 2019. Sword Compliance Manager requires a separate license and will also ship from 31 March 2019.

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